About Us

At ALTGLAS we believe that the look of an image conveys feelings.

Cinematic glass does more than just project an image onto celluloid or a sensor. It transforms the light that falls upon, adds character, depth and texture. The lenses we choose define the look of our stories, create their own atmosphere and a subtle connection to the memories, dreams and desires of the audience.

We are filmmakers ourselves. Finding the perfect look for each project is what we love and what we believe to be one of the most powerful tools to convey feelings through the medium of film. Therefore we select each addition to our portfolio with great consideration and care. Our glass is old glass. It bears traces, a heritage and a story of its own.

Our rental offers a selection of vintage cinema classics alongside some rarities that are hardly found anywhere else in the world. On the side we‘ve also got some more modern specialities and camera packages. 

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