LOMO Super Speed

Tec Specs

Iconic glass that does no longer exist – or does it?

A set of LOMO Super Speed Anamorphics is incredibly rare and nowadays most likely a unique specimen on the already small market of vintage cinema lenses. In the late 1980s, a total of only 12 sets were produced. To our knowledge all of those twelve are considered lost, destroyed or at least incomplete and in poor condition – the reason why this beautiful glass was believed to be gone forever.

By a very lucky coincidence we have recently come across this one of a kind, needle in the haystack find: A full set of three of those wonderful lenses in great condition.

With T1.4 and T1.6. LOMO Super Speed Anamorphics are amongst the fastest anamorphic glass on the market. Recently rehoused by the skilled craftspeople at OptiTec, our set is probably the only one in the world ready to shoot and the perfect match for all projects, looking for that one, beautifully unique look.


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