Wave 1 allows operators to compose the image while maintaining a perfectly level horizon. Betz Wave 1 provides a stabilized horizon within a 25° range, helping operators maintain levels in difficult camera positions such as whip pan, running shots, in varying wind conditions (windy), car mounted and even on boats.

Some examples.
  • – On a Steadicam®: For whip pans, for very slow moves, running shots, against wind etc. Quick switch between High and Low mode possible.
  • – On Remote Heads: To preserve the Horizon
  • – On Hard mount possible for Boats / Vehicles etc: To preserve the Horizon and against the Wind.
  • – On Easy Rig, Shoulder Supports and Hand Held Cameras: To preserve the Horizont.

Lens Adaptors available:
  • Operating Voltage 10-36 Volt DC 
  • Connectors Lemo – Mini USB – Micro SD
  • Size 128mm x 250mm x 60mm -Camera to mounting
  • Weight 1,3kg
  • Tiltangle 90° and lowmode
  • Supported Weight 25kg
  • Power consumption typ: 0,2A max. peak 2,5A

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