Tec Specs

In 1975, the first Zeiss B-Speed Primes saw the light of day and set a new standard for how you see the world. Their look and design revolutionized the world of fixed focal lengths for decades to come. This first Zeiss highspeed set which was still built with rare earth glass features a triple aperture. This gives the lenses on the one hand a particularly gentle natural focus fall-off and on the other hand they create an exceptional and unique triangular bokeh.

A set for anyone looking for a fast lenses and a special bokeh that is different from all other lenses.
Pythagoras died too soon but these would certainly be the lenses of his choice.

  • TAXI DRIVER D: Martin Scosese, C: Michael Chapman ASC
  • STALKER D: Andrei Tarkovsky, C: Alexandr Knyazhinsky
  • THE SHINING D: Stanley Kubrick, C: John Alcott BSC

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