Tokina AT-X Pro MKI

Tec Specs
LensƒCFWeightSensor Mount
28-70mm Cine Mod.ƒ2.6-2.870cm820,82kgFFEF

Our Lens is equipped with a filter adapter to 82mm and a focus gear.

In 1990, Angenieux released a lightweight and flexible photographic zoom. However, after the company decided to leave the photographic market and continue to produce film lenses, the Japanese company Tokina (which had previously been involved in the development of the Angenieux zoom) launched an identical lens.

The result was a lens whose look brings with it a warm characteristic with golden flares and whose aberrations are very reminiscent of French vintage lenses. Connoisseurs affectionately refer to it as the “Poor Man’s Angenieux”.

However, its character can also compete with well-known names from the Angenieux family such as the Optimo.

Our zoom is equipped with filter adapter to 82mm and focus gear.

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